What is the "This Is Green" campaign?

The "This is GREEN" initiative is a sticker campaign to promote awareness of environmentally smart consumer and lifestyle choices! The term "green" is used to describe actions and items which are environmentally conscious and safe—"greener" items are a step towards a healthier earth! Thus, thanks to certain material objects, people better remember information related to environmental choices, concern for the future, so you can join the initiative by using a sticker or order term papers and create your own resource preservation project or their rational use, etc.

It's simple—you just take the "This is GREEN" sticker and place it on something you own that could be considered "green." Examples include a water bottle that you reuse, a lamp that uses low-wattage bulbs, the laptop that you keep on energy-save, or the bag that you carry with you when you go grocery shopping!

ECO is committed to spreading understanding and action about "greening" throughout Northwestern. Your participation in the "This is GREEN" initiative is a really exciting way to spread the word on "green" choices, acknowledge your own "green" actions, and explore new ways to be "green"!

Thanks for visiting the site, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! Stay GREEN!

Stickers are available at the student staff desk at the NU Fiedler Hillel center, at 629 Foster St., Evanston, IL.

For more information, please contact Rachel Berkowitz at [email protected]