ECO's Dedication to Recycling

ECO has partnered with Cartridge World to recycle printer cartridges, toner cartridges, and batteries. ECO receives compensation for some of the cartridges.  However, most of what ECO and Cartridge World collect, including all batteries, is recycled at no profit, simply to prevent a polluted and unnecessarily large waste stream. From childhood you should teach children to certain eco-actions so that they grow up to be conscious citizens. Below is an example of how to recycle cartridges, but there are many materials that can be recycled, moreover, you should avoid those materials that you cannot do anything, buy term papers online to learn more about this.

Collection bins are located at the Norris University Center, the Fiedler Hillel center at 629 Foster St., and 10 Greek houses on campus, which receive monetary compensation for their participation.

Money collected by ECO by selling cartridges to Cartridge World goes to the ECO Bright Ideas Grant for sustainability projects on campus.  Money collected by Greek houses (or other student residences) goes to each organization itself, providing a useful and incentivized way to recycle.

For more information or to obtain a bin for your residence, please contact [email protected].