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Where can I recycle...?


Plastic bags: Take your plastic bags to Whole Foods. Lake City Cleaners (Emerson St and Sherman St) is also collecting them for Evanston's elderly to weave into sleeping mats for the homeless

Cell phones: The Northwestern police deptarment is collecting cell phones to give to battered women

Batteries: Should be dropped off at the bin in Hillel or Norris (bin located to the right of the revolving doors at the main entrance)

CFLs: Put your CFLs in a plastic bag and drop them off at Hillel (629 Foster St)

iPods: Check out Apple's iPod recycling program online

Other electronics: The following items can be dropped of at the Wildcard Office in the basement of Norris: computers, mice, monitors, keyboards, speakers, printers, scanners, fax machines, televisions, microwaves

Print out this flyer (on the back of used paper) and post it in your dorm/frat/sorority or anywhere on campus to help spread knowledge about recycling on campus!


Recycling at Northwestern

Recycling Off-Campus

Click here for information on what is recyclable in Northwestern residence halls!

Click here for information about recycling off-campus in Evanston!


ECO's Dedication to Recycling: Ink cartridges, batteries, CFLs

ECO has partnered with Cartridge World to recycle printer cartridges, toner cartridges, and batteries. ECO receives compensation for some of the cartridges. However, most of what ECO and Cartridge World collect, including all batteries, is recycled at no profit, simply to prevent a polluted and unnecessarily large waste stream.

Collection bins are located at the Norris University Center, the Fiedler Hillel center at 629 Foster St., and 10 Greek houses on campus, which receive monetary compensation for their participation. You can also safely dispose of your compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) at the collection bin at Hillel or at Lemoi Ace Hardware at 1008 Davis St.

Money collected by ECO by selling cartridges to Cartridge World goes to the ECO Bright Ideas Grant for sustainability projects on campus. Money collected by Greek houses (or other student residences) goes to each organization itself, providing a useful and incentivized way to recycle.

For more information or to obtain a bin for your residence, please contact [email protected]